September 25, 2023

a story about injunctions and how they could help you

How an injunction like the celebrities could help you

<p>It’s been splashed all over the news and has been a high profile case about an injunction. An injunction is a legal order that stops someone from doing a particular act. It makes it illegal to do that act and therefore is most commonly associated with newspapers. Celebrities in the past have taken out injunctions to stop newspapers from printing their names or names or others whose identity they wish to remain secret.</p> <p>So, what has happened in this case?</p> <p>The Unknown celebrity known as ‘PJS’ got an injunction from the supreme court that stopped newspapers in England and wales from printing his name about an extra-marital affair he had.</p> <p>However, the Sun then put forward an attempt to have the injunction overturned, because the name of the PJS had been published all over Scotland and also across the US. In effect they the injunction was useless, since social media will soon play a role in spreading the identity of the individual.</p> <p>The court ruled that the injunction should be lifted, however there has been a 24-hour extension on the injunction so that there may be an appeal for further injunctions.</p> <p>It seems however that the name of the celebrity could be around by the 20<sup>th</sup>, and soon all will know. Many people already know the name of the given celebrity because of friends and family.</p> <p>However, until the injunction is lifted the press of England and wales cannot print his name.</p> <p>This is a good example of the power of injunctions, although the injunction is useless in the case of people already finding out however it can be seen how effective they can be in stopping an individual from doing something.</p> <p>This can be applied to more serious matters such as domestic violence. You can get an injunction against an individual so that your child is not abused by them. This is called an ‘non-molestation’ order.</p> <p>You can also apply for an ‘occupation’ order. This would decide who is allowed legally inot your family home and the surrounding area. Giving you full and maximum protection. The government also provides free legal representation for some people.</p> <p>You can also apply for an emergency order if you feel like that you need an injunction against a person straight away.</p> <p>If you need any advice around getting an injunction, or simply want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact our team on: <strong>0116 2999 199</strong> or email us on:<strong></strong></p>
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