Personal Injury Claims


We believe in building a close-knit relationship with all of our clients as this allows us to offer a personal, high quality and unrivalled service. We listen to you and always offer professional advice regarding your claim no matter what its nature. We have dedicated Personal Injury solicitors who specialise in dealing with a range of personal injury claims. They also understand the stress that the claims process can create and so will work with you to ensure that your claim is dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible, promising to obtain the best possible result for your case.

Types of Personal Injury Claims We Specialise In:

  • Road Traffic Accidents

The most common type of road traffic accident is where a driver stops at a junction and the driver behind fails to break in time causing a collision. This often causes injury to the back and neck due to the stationary driver being thrust forward on impact.

  • Slipping Accidents

Slipping accidents can occur when pavements have not been properly protected against the accumulation of ice or spillages have not been properly cleaned up. This could be in the street, supermarket or any other type of building.

  • Tripping Accidents

Tripping accidents can occur when pavements become uneven, pot holes remain un-repaired or man hole covers are not replaced properly.

  • Accidents at Work

This covers a broad range of accidents, many of which are the result of poor training, colleague negligence or defective work equipment and environment.

  • Clinical Negligence

Clinical negligence can occur when a health professional causes a delay in the diagnosis of a condition, makes a mis-diagnosis or provides sub standard care and treatment. This can apply to doctors, nurses, midwives, dentists, opticians etc.

  • Product Liability Claims

Claims can be made against a product supplier or manufacturer if a defective product causes injury (physically or emotionally).

  • Criminal Injuries Compensation Claims

Compensation can be claimed by those who have been physically or mentally injured due to being the blameless victim of violent crime.

  • Loss of Earnings

Claims can be made to cover loss of earning where an accident victim has had to take time off work for recovery. This can also apply to those who are self-employed and loss of a pension claim.

  • Industrial Disease Claims

There are a range of industrial diseases for which you may be able to make a compensation claim. If you have been exposed to harmful substances such as asbestos, handled noisy machinery resulting in hearing loss or if you have health issues due to working with tools that vibrate then you may be eligible to make a claim.

Your personal injury solicitor will guide you through the injury claims process from start to finish, striving to obtain the best possible settlement for you and your family.

DWS – A Proven Track Record

Our solicitors have a proven track record of being innovative in the way we provide our personal injury claims services and this has been recognised to date by the Law Society of England & Wales. We have been awarded the title of ‘Leicestershire Law Firm of the Year 2011’ and for our exceptional levels of service, we were awarded ‘Excellence in Client Service 2011.’

These awards have made us even more focused on our clients and determined to keep the innovation going. This is evident in our sustained accessibility and approachability and by the fact that our costs are realistic and reflective of the current market.

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