September 25, 2023

charity dinner for childrens cancer unit

Charity Dinner for Children’s Cancer Unit

<p><a href=""><img alt="CharityBall1" class="size-medium wp-image-1930 alignleft" decoding="async" src=""/></a>A business networking group has donated thousands of pounds for a cancer treatment centre for youngsters in Leicester as part of a charity drive.</p> <p>Companies from the Fosse Business Breakfast Club (FBBC) have taken part in a number of activities over the last few months to raise almost £10k for the multi-sensory unit in The Children and Young People’s Cancer Unit at Leicester Royal Infirmary.</p> <p>The networking group, made up of a range of SMEs in Leicester, handed over the cheque to the hospital during a Christmas charity ball in the City Rooms, Leicester.</p> <p>The event, attended by over 120 people, received pledges of nearly £2k on the night through various activities including a raffle and auction.</p> <p>Sameer Karim, co-founder of FBBC and CEO of law firm Douglas Wemyss Solicitors, based in Friar Lane, Leicester, said they were delighted with the amount raised.</p> <p>“The cancer unit is such a vital asset to the hospital and everyone at the business club is delighted to have raised almost £10k,” he said.</p> <p>“Our charity dinner was also very well received It was a fantastic evening and our aim is to continue to do our bit for vital organisations like the hospital in the future.”</p> <p>A few months earlier, FBBC, headed by Mehmooda Duke, of Moosa-Duke solicitors, in the city, organised a six hour charity walk in the Peak District which was attended by a group of 52 people.</p> <p>Ranjit Thaliwal, fellow co-founder of FBBC and President of Leicestershire Law Society said: “The money will hopefully make a difference to those who need it. We could not have raised such a sum without the support of Leicester’s business community and for that we are all grateful”</p> <p>Businesses can continue donating to the charity fund by visiting <a href=""></a></p> <p>FBBC, which meets fortnightly at the City Rooms venue, is also inviting SME’s from the city and county to join its networking group. More details can be found on visiting its website <a href=""></a></p> <p> </p> <p>Staff and Guests from Douglas Wemyss Solicitors supporting the charity event:</p>
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