September 25, 2023

christmas and new year parties

Christmas And New Year Parties

<p><a href=""><img alt="christmas-party" class="size-medium wp-image-1926 alignleft" decoding="async" src=""/></a>The Office Christmas and New Year Parties are a long-standing tradition and are not just limited to office staff.  It is the season of good will and a time for some employers to thank their staff with a festive event. Morale will be high so it is important to plan to minimise any staffing issues that may arise as a direct result of the celebrations.</p> <p>There are many tales of “shenanigan’s” and “goings on” that happen at, or after Christmas “do’s”. In sober moments after the event there may be many blushes, and for employers it can bring a host of issues. This can be potentially damaging for the employers in numerous ways and not least if events attract media attention.</p> <p>It is also important that as an employer, you manage the risk of staff misconduct, grievance and other HR related issues.</p> <p>What many staff may not appreciate is that of any Christmas or New Year event that is work related is an extension of the workplace and as such employers are usually liable for the actions of their employees.</p> <p>As society and the workplace becomes more and more diverse today, many staff events now cater for different religions, and not all the entire workforce may want to join in and have a tipple or two…!! Ensure that there is access to non-alcoholic drinks.</p> <p>You must not make it compulsory for all staff to attend and you need to think about the composition of the workforce. Ensure that there is a vegetarian choice on the menu. Whilst the Christmas or New Year Party is an occasion for festive cheer, it is also an area that causes concern among employers in terms of grievances that are often raised.</p> <p>So what can you do to manage the issues that can arise from such Parties?</p>
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