September 25, 2023

divorce legal services at dws

Divorce Legal Services at DWS

<p><b>DWS Divorce Legal Team – we are here to help our clients get through the difficult times.</b></p> <p><b>Call us now for a FREE initial consultation, </b>no strings attached. Let’s talk and see how we can best support you.</p> <p>Certain aspects of family law can be very sensitive, especially when it concerns the breakdown of a relationship.</p> <p>If you are unsure as to how and when to involve a family law solicitor in your case, or if you are still considering whether or not to actually pursue legal action, please don’t be afraid to call us as we can talk you through your concerns with no obligation.</p> <p>Straightforward Divorce Proceedings usually take between 4-6 months from the date the Petition is issued.</p> <p>We currently charge a fixed fee of £650 plus VAT which includes all the preparation of documentation in relation to the divorce proceedings.  There is also a Court fee payable when the Divorce Petition is filed with the Court which is currently £410.</p>
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