September 25, 2023

dws makes long term growth move by announcing property partnership with fitzalan partners

DWS announces Property Partnership with Fitzalan Partners

<p>We hope to increase demand for our services across the UK by announcing a partnership with an online conveyancing specialist.</p> <p>We are delighted to have teamed up with Fitzalan Partners who will provide the firm with potential clients looking for property services.</p> <p>Sameer Karim, CEO of DWS, states the move is part of a growth strategy which includes strengthening its core services.  The Firm has seen a surge in demand for property services in 2014 from across the UK and since doubled the property team in recent months.</p> <p>He states: “As a company we are committed to enhancing our product and service offering through innovation and investment.</p> <p>“We are delighted with this partnership with Fitzalan Partners because it is vital to work with the right business partners to help us deliver our services.</p> <p>“This collaboration gives us access to a new range of client from across the UK and will allow us to build our property offering and strengthen the team going forward.”</p> <p>The Firm has also seen an increased demand for our services from London clients especially in commercial, residential property and family law since setting up an office there a few months ago on Berkeley Street in Mayfair.</p> <p>Fitzalan Partners is the parent company behind a number of conveyancing brands including <a href="" title="Homeward Legal">Homeward Legal</a>, <a href="" title="In-Deed">In-Deed</a> and <a href="" title="Fridaysmove Conveyancing ">Fridaysmove Conveyancing</a>. It has helped moved over 55,000 home buyers and sellers.</p> <p>Chris Salmon, commercial director at Fitzalan Partners, said: “Leicester was an area of under representation for us.  Our ‘best of breed’ selection criteria meant that we needed to be absolutely sure we were pairing up with a firm that shares our approach to proactive customer service.</p> <p>We certainly needn’t have worried when it came to Douglas Wemyss.  Their list of accolades and accreditations are a testament to their technical and service excellence.</p> <p>“We are very happy to be working with a local Leicester firm that offers such clear benefits to clients.”</p>
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