September 25, 2023

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Let’s take look at this month’s family law news, at some cases in the news and more.

<p>Let’s take look at this month’s family law news, at some cases in the news and more.<br/> First in this monthly update, is cohabiting v marriage.<br/> The office of national statistics has just released figures around the rise in cohabiting and decrease in marriage. From 2002 to 2015 the numbers of people opting to cohabit rose from 6.8% to 9.5%. This trend has seen increase, year on year. In 2015 23.8 million were married, wile 28.4 million were not. This pattern has resulted in calls for more protection for cohabiting couples – so that there is more protection in terms of the law if they decide to split up especially for children and women – who are the most vulnerable in this case.<br/> Second is the huge divorce row that still continues to wage on. A former British airways pilot has been married 4 times and is still involved in a dispute with his third wife, who he dubs a ‘liar’. The dispute revolves around whether their teenage daughter is actually his.<br/> He claims, that she isn’t. Although he has been paying for her upkeep under the 2001 divorce settlement. He was officially declared her father in 2000, but he still disputes this. Because of that he has been granted a chance to appeal. The judge stated that there is a ‘compelling reason’ to hear him out. To be continued.<br/> Third is a wildly ambitious divorce settlement agreement, that backfired. Former wife of a multi-millionaire, she asked for £150,000 a year to cover the costs for her children. Of which £60,000 was to be used for extra tuition. The judge ruled that this was not going to allow the children to be children. And that this was an excessive demand. The 2 teenagers in question already attend very expensive privet schools payed for by their father. However, this was just small part of the huge finial settlement war going on, overall the judge ruled that the wife would get a multi-million package.<br/> And finally a rather amusing case that arose, a pilot who lost his farm in his divorce settlement has refused to leave the house. He put up barbed wire around it, barricaded himself in and allegedly ‘threw rocks at bailiffs’ as well as threating self-harm and suicide if he was removed. The judge ruled that he has no respect for the court system and if he does not leave the property he will be jailed for 6 months.</p> <p>If you find you need any advice around family law or simply want to know more, don’t hesitate to call our team on: <strong>0116 2999 199</strong> or alternatively you can email us at: <strong></strong></p>
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