September 25, 2023

lawyers are bowled over in a cricket session with the foxes

Lawyers are bowled over in a cricket session with the Foxes

<p>On Wednesday 19th March while Chancellor George Osborne was busy delivering the budget to the nation, two solicitors from Douglas Wemyss Solicitors were delivering some numbers of their own.</p> <p>Newly appointed Partner and Solicitor Charanjit Thandi and Solicitor, Vikesh Navsaria of Douglas Wemyss, based on Friar Lane, took part in an event organised by Leicestershire County Cricket Club titled “So you think that the day in the life of a professional sportsman is easy?”</p> <p>The event saw the pair take part in a cricket session with members of the Leicestershire squad which gave them a closer look at life as a professional cricketer.</p> <p>Mr Thandi, property partner at the firm, said: “This was a thoroughly enjoyable day and a really interesting look at the life of a professional sportsman especially when we took part in the training sessions.</p> <p>“After spending just a few hours with the professionals I think me and Vikesh are agreed that we will stick to our day jobs.</p> <p>“We would like to thank the club and all the players for giving us the opportunity to come and the time they spent with us.”</p> <p>The day included a training workout in the gym and a test of their batting and bowling skills at the Indoor Cricket School. Members of the county squad who took part in the event included Charlie Shreck, Alex Wyatt, Matthew Boyce, Rob Taylor, Greg Smith, James Sykes and Angus Robson</p>
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