September 25, 2023

leicester sports centre taken over by consortium of investors

Leicester Sports Centre taken over by Consortium of Investors

<p><strong><em>“A six figure deal that we completed for our client featured in the local press today!”</em></strong></p> <p>An indoor sports centre has unveiled ambitious plans to create 10 jobs and target the region’s corporate hospitality market following a six-figure investment in a takeover deal.</p> <p>Leicester Sports Centre (LSC), based in Freemans Common, said they are looking to grow the company by expanding its offering to businesses in the Midlands alongside an increased drive to promote indoor cricket, football and netball to local residents.</p> <p>Kulvinder Sidki is a leading a consortium which has invested a six-figure sum in taking over the business and improving its facilities.</p> <p>Mr Sidki: “This is an exciting time for us because this investment is an indication of the confidence we have in the sports centre and we believe it has great potential to become a real asset to businesses in Leicestershire and beyond.</p> <p>“We are aiming to target businesses in the region looking to hold events or team building exercises and sport is a great fun way to bond and create team spirit.</p> <p>“At present, there are very few corporate hospitality facilities like those provided by LSC anywhere in the region and we believe there is a demand for them.</p> <p>“We want to create something unique to give businesses an experience that they cannot have elsewhere.”</p> <p>LSC, which has two indoor pitches, currently provides training facilities in a variety of sports including cricket, football and netball aimed for all age groups. The Indoor Cricket facility is accredited by the England Cricket Board (ECB).  The venue is also available to hire for tournaments or corporate events.</p> <p>Mr Sidki said they also wanted to promote indoor sports in the region and work with the local community and provide support to tackle social and health issues.</p> <p>He added: “Indoor sports is a good way to stay healthy and have fun at the same time. We want to continue to actively promote its benefits to residents of Leicestershire and the East Midlands and work closely with the community and health groups.”</p> <p>Law firm Douglas Wemyss Solicitors, based in Friar Lane, led the takeover deal including the sale of the business, providing legal advice and the completing property transaction.</p> <p>Sameer Karim, CEO of Douglas Wemyss, will continue to work closely with the board of LSC to provide legal and strategic business advice.</p> <p>He said: “We have had a good relationship with Kulvinder Sidki for a number of years and we are delighted to help them in completing this deal.</p> <p>“It is another example of the strength we have within our team to have led this deal from the beginning to completion on different legal aspects.</p> <p>“This deal represents a great opportunity for the new owners to become an even bigger operation and expand their business and we hope to continue to play an active role in this.”</p> <p>Read the story at the Leicester Mercury website by clicking:<a href=""><br/> </a></p> <p><a href="">http://www.leicestermercury</a><a href=""></a></p> <p> </p>
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