September 25, 2023

new solicitors office in london mayfair

New Solicitors office in London, Mayfair

<p>Leicestershire law firm Douglas Wemyss Solicitors is expanding its reach across the UK by opening an office in one of the most prestigious areas of London.</p> <p>Douglas Wemyss Solicitors, based in Friar Lane, Leicester, is hoping to take advantage of the increasing number of clients it has in the South with a presence in the heart of the City in Mayfair.</p> <p>Sameer Karim, CEO of Douglas Wemyss, will take an active role in the expansion by being based at the new office, on Berkley Street in Mayfair, a few days a week. Two lawyers will also be recruited to take care of the increasing London client base and provide legal services.</p> <p>Mr Karim said the new office opening was due to an increasing workload with clients in the London region and plans to take on further staff in the next 12 months.</p> <p>He said: “We are already doing quite a bit of work in the property and commercial sectors in London so a City presence feels like a natural progression for us.</p> <p>“We are always looking for ways to expand our services and this London office is part of a long-term strategic plan we have for Douglas Wemyss Solicitors. Our plan is to really grow our offering in London and the South which is why I will now be working half the week in London and this will also mean taking on more staff.</p> <p>“The feedback we have received from the professional circle here has been extremely positive. We feel there is gap in the market and a real need for a company like Douglas Wemyss Solicitors as we bring an added commercial dimension and innovation in the way we provide our services.</p> <p>“Initially we are very much looking to build strong links with key professionals and we want to grow our business in partnership with them. This is a positive move for us and allows Douglas Wemyss Solicitors to expand its geographical reach.”</p> <p>Earlier this year, Douglas Wemyss Solicitors won the small business award at the Leicester Mercury Business Awards. Mr Karim was recently named by the Leicester Mercury publication as one of “The Most Influential People in Leicestershire”.</p>
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