May 14, 2024

note first time buyers

Note to First Time Buyers: Our Fees are Fixed and We Have No Hidden Charges

<p> </p> <p>We understand just how stressful buying a house can be; which is why the last thing you want to accompany that stress is a feeling that you’ve been deceived or mislead by your solicitor.</p> <p>If you choose DWS Legal, not only are we completely transparent with all our charges, our fees are fixed and will not move. The only time you will see changes to your bill will be if we encounter unavoidable disbursements (which will be broken down and explained to you) or there is unexpected, extra legal work which we are forced to undertake. This can include finding out the Property has leased solar panels or you are obtaining a gifted deposit.</p> <p>When this happens, you will always be informed straight away of the extra charges and we will never proceed without your express consent to the additions.</p> <p> </p> <p>If you want further information regarding anything we have gone into here, please call the office on 0116 2999 199 or e-mail on</p>
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