September 25, 2023

raising money for coping with cancer

Raising Money for Coping With Cancer

<p>Douglas Wemyss Solicitors sponsored this years’ Navratri Celebrations in aid of Coping with Cancer.</p> <p>The night was a warm mix of live entertainment with a traditional indian band playing an array of traditional music, bright colours and joyful festivity with everyone joining in the spirit of the traditional navratri dance.</p> <p>Members of the DWS team attended in traditional dress and joined in the festivities which were raising funds for Coping with Cancer.</p> <p>The event was held at the Kapital Building in Leicester and ran from 5th – 13th October and DWS sponsored on Thursday 10th.</p> <p>We were delighted to be a part of a community in a celebratory coming together and would like to thank the organisers for making DWS feel a part of the night.</p>
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