September 25, 2023

services for individuals

Services For Individuals

<p>From “lawyers on wheels” to opening seven days a week and a dedicated customer services team – the services Douglas Wemyss Solicitors, of Leicester, provides to our clients are at the cutting edge of the legal industry.</p> <p>For the private individual we have the Life Support Unit which consists of a Lasting Power of Attorney, a Will and a FREE 5 year review.  We will also store your will and/or any deeds securely.</p> <p>Our Mobile Legal Service, dubbed “lawyers on wheels” is aimed at those unable to attend our office and so our solicitors will visit you either in your home or place of work.  We are also accessible 7 days a week either at our Head Office on 18 Friar Lane, LE1 5RA or our London office. If you have any questions about your case our dedicated customer services team will be more than happy to help. Our commitment to our clients has led to us winning several accolades: In 2011 we won both Leicestershire Law Firm of the Year and also won an award for excellence in client service at the Law Society of England &amp; Wales Excellence Awards.</p>
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