September 25, 2023

the new living wage and you

How the new living wage could affect you and your business

<p>In previous blogs we’ve mentioned the new laws that came out in march and April. Today I’ll be looking at one in particular. The new national living wage. If you haven’t heard of the living wage campaign, here’s a bit of an insight.</p> <p>In the UK, before April the 1<sup>st </sup>the national minimum wage for low paid workers was around £6.70. this figure was claimed at not liveable for any one person. So, for years and years campaigners have been lobbying the government to raise this pay so that is sufficient for someone to live off. So the government has taken the initiative and has increased the minimum wage to a new living wage. However, campaigners still want it to be raised further.</p> <p>But first, let’s look at how this can have a positive impact on you! So, if you’re 25 or over and are currently earning the NMW (National minimum wage then you’re probably entitled to it. However, to make sure use the governments wage checker <a href=""></a></p> <p>You must be wondering…what’s in it for me? Well it’s a 50p increase, so that’s now £7.20 an hour, which equates to £910-pound yearly increase in wages. A huge milestone is getting people more money in their pockets.</p> <p>This NLW (national living wage) applies to any pay allocated on a monthly reference period starting from the 1st of April. If your period starts and ends on either side, then your employer should be paying the you past the 1<sup>st</sup> of April the NLW. And before that the NMW.</p> <p>The government has also said that this is set to increase on a yearly basis so in 2020 it hopes the NLW will be £9 an hour for part time and full time workers. The move has set to immediately make a difference to 1.3 Million workers across the country.</p> <p>The government is also urging people to check their payslips at the end of the month to make sure their employers are paying them the right amount. If not there are several steps you can take, either confront your employer or alternatively you can contact Acas on 0300 123 1100 for more information.</p> <p>If you need any advice around the NLW or any other legal and employment matters, don’t hesitate to contact our team on: 0116 2999 199 or email us on:</p> <p> </p>
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